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On the road in Nepal


After I posted colorful shots of Kathmandu a few days back, here some more impressions from Nepal – this time in black and white and from the road…

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Streets of Kathmandu


In late March early April this year I had the chance to travel to Nepal to do a shoot for Glamour Magazine. I was to take a portrait of Maggie Doyne, a well known philanthropist at the orphanage she founded in the remote area of Surkhet. I traveled to Nepal just a few weeks before […]

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Shooting with the iPhone – Sydney


I have never been a gear head – that does not mean I do not appreciate good gear (I shoot my professional work usually with a Canon 5D mk3 and L-series lenses and I understand very much the difference that good gear makes) but I don’t believe that good gear equals good images. So I […]

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Hello and welcome…. to my “i-dont-remember-how-many-blog-i-had-before” new blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. I used to be a quite active blogger, but in the past few years most of my blogging projects fell asleep. But recently I decided it is time to start blogging again. While my blogs in the past focused on Southeast Asia in general as well as my experiences […]

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