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Shooting with the iPhone – Sydney


I have never been a gear head – that does not mean I do not appreciate good gear (I shoot my professional work usually with a Canon 5D mk3 and L-series lenses and I understand very much the difference that good gear makes) but I don’t believe that good gear equals good images.

So I remember vividly when at a time when I was not a professional photographer yet, in one of my old jobs my boss told me that a certain marketing picture was very good because “it was shot with the most expensive camera of Canon” – honestly, that image was not good – and it had nothing to do with the gear – it was simply poorly composed and no character…

Last week I had the chance to visit Australia for the first time. And while I carried my big camera I realized that after I while I enjoyed shooting mostly with my iPhone 6 – because it was simpler, less options, lighter, less introsive and whatnot – it basically made me focus more on the composition and after a while I decided to make the composition even a bit trickier by switching to a square frame. I enjoyed this very much and came up with a couple of frames I truly enjoyed and on top of that I have to say that I feel the colors come out brilliant – the photos you see here I took around the areas of Bondi and Alexandria – and yes I did some post processing, but actually less then I would have done with RAW files coming out of my mk3.

I think for personal work I will make more use of the iPhone.






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