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Streets of Kathmandu


In late March early April this year I had the chance to travel to Nepal to do a shoot for Glamour Magazine. I was to take a portrait of Maggie Doyne, a well known philanthropist at the orphanage she founded in the remote area of Surkhet.

I traveled to Nepal just a few weeks before the devastating earthquake struck. I fell immediately in love with the place. Even after more than 10 years in Asia it made such a big impression on me. My thoughts are with the people of Nepal in these troublesome times and I hope I get a chance to visit again soon.

On my way back from Surkhet I had half a day to explore the streets of Kathmandu – here are a few of my frames of that day.

Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-1 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-2 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-3 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-4 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-5 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-6 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-7 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-8 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-9 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-10 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-11 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-12 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-13 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-14 Kathmandu-Christian-Berg-15

more photos of Nepal to come….

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