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It has been a while since I picked up my camera for personal work. In Vietnam its the Lunar New Year now (Tet) and for me that was a perfect timing to take a break and head for two weeks to Tokyo – I wanted to go to Japan since I was a teenager, but somehow, even though I have been in Asia for most of my adult life, I never made it – well, I finally did now. Armed with only my Ricoh GR2 I have been roaming the streets of Japan’s capital and this is a first glimpse of what I have seen there and how I feel about the place. Its freezing cold, but the sun has been shining all along, and I must say the light is magical…

tokyo-0051927 tokyo-0051941 tokyo-0052025 tokyo-0052026 tokyo-0052028 tokyo-0052031 tokyo-0052035 tokyo-0052046 tokyo-0052051 tokyo-0052061 tokyo-0052126 tokyo-0052136 tokyo-0052139 tokyo-0052144 tokyo-0052145 tokyo-0052177 tokyo-0052201 tokyo-0052203 tokyo-0052211 tokyo-0052214 tokyo-0052220 tokyo-0052243

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